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Since I can remember...

I found great pleasure and fun in moving my body. Dancing in the living room was - and still is - my favourite thing to do.  


As a kid I also played tennis, a lot of tennis. My dad used to drive me all over Italy to participate in tennis competitions. When I was 16 years old, during training, one of my teachers said “you should lose a couple of kilos to be more agile on the court”.


Trauma alert!


Those worlds made me feel inadequate, fat and not enough. I struggled with my body image for many years afterwards. In my twenties, I was mentally counting calories of every food I was eating. And I was running like crazy to burn them.

A few years later...

my friend Louise convinced me to try Bikram yoga in Brussels. I was VERY skeptical and I didn’t want to go. After a few classes I realised that on top of burning a lot of calories, I felt strong and relieved after the class. Yoga became an integral part of my life.


3 years went by and I moved to London. New city, new job, new friends, same willingness to practice. I joined a studio close to my workplace and slowly yoga became my obsession. The studio was my second home. I liked the friendly environment, the smell walking in, the practice, the people BUT there was something missing.


I started realising that there was something beyond the yoga poses.

In July 2015,

after 12 hours of labour my first daughter was born. I was in awe of this tiny baby sleeping in the crib next to my bed, but I was also feeling a huge sense of responsibility on my shoulders.


My perfectionism and insecurities guided me straight into postnatal depression.


I reached a point where I almost didn’t like my baby, I was angry at my husband and I definitely didn’t like myself.


That’s when I hit rock bottom, and I didn’t even know about it.

Meditation saved me

I’ve never meditated before and I started slowly. I kept meditating until I finally realised I was depressed and I needed help. So I chose to go back to my happy place: yoga.


Both yoga and meditation became a place of nourishment, happiness, self-expression and freedom. I started eating what I wanted, forgetting the notion of burning calories and gifting myself with moments of stillness. I won my battle against the darkness and I felt a strong desire to share my story to help others.


In March 2017,

I completed my first 200hrs yoga teacher training and I’ve never stopped learning since. 


A week later I was teaching classes at The Walt Disney Company, across EMEA. Tears of happiness ran down my cheeks when I was asked to be the company Wellness Lead.


This opportunity not only gave me the chance to  advance professionally but over the years I built a beautiful community of yoginis committed to their heath and wellbeing which is like my extended family.


I'm grateful

you've landed here and I can't wait to MOVE.BE.LOVE. together so you can discover your super-powers!