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I'm Consuelo.


An enthusiastic yoga teacher and speaker committed to inspire you to take a moment to PAUSE from the busyness of life and DO SOME YOGA instead. 


Because everyone deserves to be happy.

So, roll out your mat and learn long-lasting tools to calm your mind in the midst of chaos.

My yoga journey started about 10 years ago when my Swedish friend Louise dragged me to a Bikram yoga class in Brussels. From day one I was hooked! Despite the smelly room (if you've ever done Bikram you know what I mean!) I felt soooo good at the end that I started practising it religiously 4 times a week. Back then I was obsessed by the way I looked and Bikram + running was a great combo to meet my crazy burning calories targets!

After three years I moved to London and the never-ending daily commute forced me to put my yoga practice on a side. Until one day, an oval green sign saying "YOGA" appeared on the high street, just around the corner from where I lived.

Yes, you guessed it, I was back on my mat and this time it was for good. Why?

Because yoga is freedom, healing, creativity and self-expression.

After becoming a mum my focus shifted from the "I practice to look good" to "I practice to feel good". In need of recovering from post-natal depression, I was craving for moments in which I could be myself. No responsibilities, no worries, just my mat, my body and my breath.

I can't wait to share the practice with you! 

Yoga is a life-changing practice which works 24/7. What you learn on your mat will shape the way you move, think, act in your everyday life.

One of my teachers once said "your yoga mat is like a magic carpet". On your mat you sweat, breathe, smile, cry, wobble, fall and raise again. All of these steps are necessary to discover who you truly are and this is when the magic happens!

EVERYONE can feel excited to wake up in the morning. All it takes is knowing a bunch of tools and a daily practice.

I teach classes accessible to all levels. I'm here to invite you to relax and have some fun!


Because there is no need to feel overwhelmed by all the work you need to do this week.


Or to worry about what other people think of you if you say "NO".


There is another way. It all starts by rolling-down your mat and moving with your breath.



I really look forward to Mondays now because of yoga with Consuelo!

©2019 proudly created by Consuelo