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Outdoor Meditation



1st-10th Sep


You're extremely irritable, constantly stressed out over all kinds of things, regardless of whether it's a trivial or substantial matter.

You're very task oriented with a mind that’s always racing with a to-do list.You've always have a lots of things going on in your head.

You still haven't figure out how to calm your thoughts, to be aware of your own narratives about yourself and the world around you.

You're so wound up that you can't appreciate the things going on in your life, especially other people, because you find yourself dwelling on the past or fantasying about some future where things would all work out right.


You feel stuck in the same ruts of thinking day after day after day and you recognise that...

You've lost touch with your inner peace

You need something to help you to learn to cope with the struggle, other than swallowing a bunch of pills that just put you into a haze.

You need something to help manage your thoughts, because you keep waking up during the night and your mind keeps going on and on about everything you have to do the next day, so you wake up feeling restless.

It is so easy to be cynical about these kind of practices. What could paying attention of what's going on in your body and your surroundings really do?

Plus, you find it too hard to switch off and just concentrate on being in the moment, so what's the point?

Mindfulness can seem a bit 'hippy' but it's just connecting with yourself, allowing you to relax and accepting that you can manage the stresses of modern life. 

Build the practice of mindfulness into everything you do with real, practical techniques which are going to help you to feel more positive about difficult situations at work and at home.


Bring more calm and stability to your life by practicing simple exercises that helps you noticing the spastic and fragmented thought-to-thought jumping nature of the mind. 

It's true, it takes a bit of organising and some perseverance BUT if you stick to the practice, you'll start creating a difference in your thought processes which means you have more options of how to react under stress.


And you'll start appreciating the small things in life that are generally taken for granted.

Worst case scenario, you'll have some “me-time” to focus on your thoughts and feelings and dealing with them in a healthy way.

The challenge includes...

  • 10 consecutive days of mindfulness, starting on Sep 1st

  • Daily 10 mins practices delivered directly to your inbox

  • Private Facebook group to support and encourage each other

  • Totally FREE

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I'm Consuelo​, a yoga teacher dedicated to bring more calm and balance into your life through yoga and mindfulness.

Because those tools helped me in overcoming the first stages of post-natal depression where my days consisted of feeling in a constant state of anxiety, loneliness, resentment, anger. In one world, MISERABLE.

I'm here to get your back. And to share the tools to handle your stress or any worry in a different way.


"Consuelo is so peaceful and she makes me feel so relaxed, her techniques really work and I felt so good after"


"That was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time plus without it being a massage!"

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