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19 things I don't buy anymore!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Christmas is around the corner and once more I’m thinking about what I can get rid of before the end of the year...LOL

I still remember my first trip to London. I was 18. My friend and I ate cheap meals and we didn’t step foot in a pub, theatre, or expensive tourist attraction to save money for the last day of the trip. We indulged in a whole-day shopping experience in Camden Town and Oxford Street.

15 years later I was buying things on Amazon because I was comforted by the fact that anything I ordered was delivered the very next day. Amazon was the only one “knowing what I really wanted” and always meeting my expectations!

Then, a dear friend introduced me to minimalism. A few months later, everything changed.

Letting go of things was - and still is - like a “purifying” process, where I keep learning to detach my identity and self worth from the stuff I own. Concurrently, I make space for the things I want to experience more in my life. It’s a journey of coming out from behind the pile of clothes, shoes, bags and unwanted Christmas gifts to allow your true self to shine through and to manifest your deepest desires.

These days I find great pleasure and freedom in selling my stuff or giving it to friends and charities and I do it on a regular basis. Also, before buying something (especially if it is expensive) I always “sleep on it”. If I still want it the morning or a week later, then I buy it!

Living a minimal lifestyle is like regularly practicing yoga. With every class, you tune in to check which feelings, emotions, thoughts are present, then you move and you choose what to keep and what to let go of. Your body knows what’s nourishing, balancing and exciting.

Yoga is just the vehicle to listen to what your body craves.

I’m super grateful to the friend who introduced me to minimalism because it changed my life. The irony of the story is that we’re not friends anymore. How minimalist is that?

Now, without further ado, here are the 19 things I don’t buy anymore:

  1. Bottled shampoo

  2. Shower gel - don’t worry, I still shower daily, LOL, but I choose the plastic free options (soap and shampoo bars)

  3. Conditioner

  4. Deodorant - I use essential oils

  5. Tampons - I use FLUX undies!

  6. Perfume

  7. Nail polish

  8. Any kind of spreads (almond butter, tahini, hummus) - I make my own!

  9. Plastic cutlery

  10. Bottled washing up liquid - I refill!

  11. Dishwasher tablets - I use powder and I refill!

  12. Bottled water

  13. Plastic bags for groceries

  14. Coffee

  15. Souvenirs

  16. Cooking books

  17. High heels shoes

  18. Handbags - I use what I have!

  19. Jewellery - I use what I have!

Thanks for reading so far!

I hope this blog post inspired you to think about what you buy, why you buy and if the things you want will add value into your life.

The minimalist arena is getting bigger and bigger. I refrain from recommending any books, podcasts, movies because I would like YOU to explore what’s possible and to have your own experience.

Now, it's your turn! Let me know in the comment box below 3 things you're willing to let go in 2020.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you next time!

Until then…



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