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Why having a balanced Root Chakra is key for innovative thinking

In the yoga tradition, a human is made of different layers of being - the physical, mental, emotional and energetic being. I’ve always found the energy body very fascinating because you can’t really grasp it with your 5 senses but somehow you can feel it.

I’m sure at least once in your life, you’ve found yourself in a meeting room where there’s someone in a bad mood. When you enter the room, you feel that the energy of that person “isn’t right” and perhaps you choose to sit away from him/her. Even through Zoom you can feel it!


The yogi sages said that within the energetic body we have 7 major energy centres, called Chakras, which are located along the spine. They’re like satellite dishes which store, receive & send energy from the body to the metaphysical world (aka the Universe, Source, Divine Consciousness, you name it!) and vice versa. Depending on this energy exchange each Chakra can be deficient (too little energy) , excessive (too much energy) or in balance (juuuusssst right, like Goldilocks would say!).

To grasp the different expressions of the Chakras, think about a cabinet with 7 drawers. When the Chakra is:

  • Deficient - the drawer is empty

  • Excessive - the drawer is overflowing with clothes

  • Balanced - the drawer is full just the right amount so the clothes can be nicely folded inside

Now that you know the basics, let's focus on the first Chakra called Muladhara or Root and I'll give my own interpretation of why having a balanced Root Chakra is key for innovative thinking.


Here’s a brief introduction of the Root Chakra:

  1. Anatomically, it’s located at the root of the spine, where the perineum is

  2. It’s associated with survival & self-preservation

  3. The element is Earth

  4. The demon is fear

  5. The developmental stage is from the 3rd trimester to 12 months


An excessive Root Chakra feels heavy. It has solidity, but it feels a sluggish and massive feeling. You might feel bored, stiff, afraid to change. Also, you might have the tendency to hoard because you believe there isn’t enough for everybody.


A deficient Root Chakra is restless, anxious, unrooted and can't stay still. There is a big disconnection from the body, hence you don’t take care of your physical self - i.e. poor diet & hygiene.


A balanced Root Chakra is solidly grounded yet dynamically alive. There is both flexibility & consistency, an ease with both contraction & expansion. This gives a sense of security, good self care, an affirmed right to be here.


If in excess, the first chakra needs to discharge, to let go, mainly through physical movement like walking, dancing & doing yoga! (vinyasa is probably the best choice)

If in deficiency, grounding is essential. You can give gardening a go, walking barefoot on grass, hugging a tree, eating warm home-made food and doing some yoga! (restorative is probably the best choice)

You can also use affirmations like “I am safe”, “I am connected to my body”, “I let go of fears & doubts”. Repeat them a few times in your mind.

What I also recommend is diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. This technique is calming and grounding. Come to stand or seated. Place your hands on your belly and breathe like you’re sending the breath down to the belly. Inhale, the belly rises and expands. Exhale, the belly falls and contracts. Repeat for 5-10 times.


If the Root Chakra is unbalanced you’re basically in survival mode. Your body & mind will shut down any system which is not meant to keep you alive and that includes the part of the brain responsible for creative & innovative thinking.

When you balance the Root Chakra you're coming back to a sense of safety.

When you feel safe, you relax. When you relax, you become curious. When you become curious, you discover new and innovative ways to solve a problem.


Here you have it! I hope I opened up a new perspective. These ancient yogic tools bring practical, tangible improvements in soooo many different areas of your daily life. I hope I sparked your curiosity to explore the magical world of yoga!

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Be WILD, be YOU!

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