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Summer Festival



25th - 27th Feb


RESTIVAL is a 3-days online yoga festival to celebrate REST.

Meet world-leading experts in yoga, meditation, sound healing and personal development.


Pick & choose the sessions you want to join. Hop in & out the event as you like. Work around your weekend schedule & make your own online yoga retreat!

Relax your body.

Calm your mind.

Free your soul.

10 reasons to make REST your priority

REST is often overlooked despite its many vital benefits which include:

  • shaking off stress and anxiety

  • re-balancing the nervous system

  • developing the skills and abilities to self-soothe

  • improving the function of your immune system

  • reducing muscle tension 

  • improving digestion

  • reducing blood pressure

  • lifting your mood

  • improving mental clarity & concentration

  • improving your sleep quality

Experience new ways to relax your body, calm your mind and free your soul.


Kundalini Yoga

Sound healing

Wild Path


Restorative Yoga



Yoga Nidra

Sound healing



Yoga Nidra



Yin Yoga


Kundalini Yoga


REST isn't just a good night of sleep...

It's a way of living.

REST is an essential process for your body to release the stress, anxiety and tension of everyday life to be physically and mentally healthy.

The busy schedule at work, the never-ending to-do list, the family drama, the house chores, the high expectations on yourself & others make you feel drained, overwhelmed, angry. Leading to 
tossing and turning in bed at night.


The answer is within YOU.

All you need is time to REST. 

Meet your host


Ciao! I’m Consuelo, a yoga and mindfulness teacher.


My students say “it’s not about the workout or the yoga poses you make us do. It’s the kind of mindset you give to people which make your classes special”.


I’m here to help you to relax so you can tap into your inner power.


I blend different yoga and meditation styles, sound and breathing techniques to soothe your nervous system and unleash your full potential.

Event details

Livestream: 25th -27th Feb

3 days, 15 teachers, 25 taster sessions

Choose your ticket:

  • LOVE Ticket - £39 General Admission, access as many sessions as you like

  • GRACE Ticket - £99 : Premium Admission, for long lasting benefits. Access as many sessions as you like + 2 months online yoga with Consuelo (worth £78)

When you buy your ticket:

  • Join as many sessions as you want between the 25th-27th Feb

  • Hop in & out the event as you like. You don't have to stay glued to the screen the whole weekend! 😅

  • Receive email reminders with the daily schedule & Zoom link

The sessions won't be recorded. Join us LIVE!

If you can attend only a few sessions, you still get a lot of value!

Check out the line-up!

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