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Good Night_s Sleep

Sleep Well


Join me for this free 5-days online journey to feel more energised & focussed by sleeping better!

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DAY  1

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DAY  2

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DAY  3

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Yoga Nidra

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DAY  4


DAY  5

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Feet up

Did you know?

Insomnia is a common problem which regularly affects around one in every three people in the UK

On average, a “normal” amount of sleep for an adult is considered to be around seven to nine hours a night.

Insomnia is often associated with stress and anxiety, poor sleeping environment and lifestyle factors.

Sleep Tight, Wake Bright!

Consuelo's Wellbeing programmes are filled with her warm and inviting personality. Her voice and yoga practices are calming yet energising. I highly recommend working with Consuelo. Her energy is absolutely amazing!

Lizzie, Career Coach



I’m Consuelo, your private wellbeing coach for this 5 days journey.

I’m here to help you to slow down & to relax so you can feel calm & energised. As a working mum who recovered from post-natal anxiety and burn-out I know exactly how it feels to be worried all the time, tired and overwhelmed by a never ending to do list full of tasks, responsibilities and someone else's priorities.​

My mission is to help you manage stress & anxiety with confidence & ease. You got this!

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