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Get to know the RESTIVAL team!

Franziska Gottschlich

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 15.34.45.png

Fran is a full time Yinspiration Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer who teaches the Chinese Medicine and Myofascial Release modules created by Jo Phee.

Fran was introduced to Yin Yoga in 2014 and experienced such strong healing in her first class that the seed was planted. She embarked on her journey to learn more about Yin Yoga and become a teacher. In 2015 she graduated from her 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali under the instruction of Jo Phee, her future mentor, and Joe Barnett. In 2017 she started assisting Jo Phee in her 60 hours modules and the 200 hour teacher training, becoming one of her senior assistants and Yinspiration Trainer.

Fran has more than 15 years of yoga practice experience. Since graduating she has taught hundreds of public classes all over the world and managed over 30 retreats in Europe, as both the lead teacher and the manager. Her interest in teaching and studying yoga intensified through her own personal decade-long struggle with anxiety and her desire to understand the body – mind connection, and how crucial this understanding is in creating a joyful life. Fran’s classes are influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fascia science, energy work and mindfulness practice; it is her intention to teach tools that empower the student in their own healing journey. Personal experience is the strongest teacher and Fran’s knowledge is continually growing this way, as well as through ongoing observation of and assistance to Jo Phee, Fran has found a strong influence and guide in her own work. -When we learn how to deal with ourselves and be the living example we truly are of benefit for the ones around us-


Fran continued her studies with Sarah Powers in 2016 and attended her first human cadaver dissection with Jo Phee and Antonio Stecco in 2019 at the world famous Plastinarium in Guben, Germany. In addition, she also attended the very first Biotensegrity Practical Symposium in Vancouver. Fran mainly resides in Berlin,Germany, and in Spain on the Canary Islands.

Zahra Leila

247690121_10216607521860699_3756292198142598620_n - Zahra Hagouchi.jpeg

I am a social worker, women's coach and teacher. I am here to guide you home to your body, your yoni and your radiant feminine essence.

I do this through 1:1 mentorships, embodiment classes and group events both in-person and online. I am based in Sweden and the beautiful forest is my current biggest teacher, continuously inviting me to turn inwards deeper, back to my body and back to my most authentic nature.

Jambo Dragon

8060BD96-6A7F-46AD-928F-45FF29A87CC1 - Jambo Truong.jpeg

Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with special interests in integrated medicine. His style of teaching is based on informative story telling and practical activities to embody the learning experience.


His approach is based on both evidence-based practise combined with clinical experience of working with the potential of the human body. His approach to human movement is based on applied kinesiology, functional movement and the somatic experience.


Expect humour, an open perspective and more muscle memory to aid your growth.

Lauren Wilkie

Lauren-Wilkie-SP-2016-169 (1) - Lauren Wilkie.jpg

Lauren Wilkie is the founder of The Listen Method, and a certified 500-hour Yoga, Level-3 Mat Pilates teacher, Breathwork and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator with specialist training in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Women’s Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga.


Her extensive experience in the industry has led her to deviate from the current yoga obsession with how we look and what we can achieve. Instead, Lauren focuses on how we feel. Years of personal experience of the detrimental impacts of inaccessible postures and unobtainable body images have enabled Lauren to become a trailblazer for a new way of being.


Lauren is known for her unique and accessible approach. She infuses humour and optionality into her sessions, offering her clients a deeper and more compassionate connection with the body. Her revolutionary concept links movement and meditation to create complete, interconnected awareness. 

Caren Baginski

caren-baginski-author - Caren Baginski (1).jpg

Caren Baginski (she/her/hers) is a yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and author who has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2009, with a special interest in female empowerment.


Her YouTube channel has more than 2 million views and gives people from around the world permission to slow down and do less. Through Held, her online spiritual yoga community, and her Being Enough program, she helps women release critical, negative self-talk that says they’re not “doing enough” or “good enough.”


In addition to Restorative Yoga, Caren is trained in Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, and has completed an 800-hour Yoga Therapy program through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. She is certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


A former journalist with a BSJ degree from Ohio University, Caren’s writing has appeared in Yoga Journal and Mantra Wellness magazine, among other publications in the home, health, and wellness industries. You can learn more at

Kim Kindersley

kim fire one  - Memon Global (2).jpg

Kim started to hold space in the circle over 30 years ago, as he travelled the world researching a film that was to become the multi award winning Whaledreamers, produced by Julian Lennon.


Whilst settled in Ubud to make a film over a period of time, Kim co facilitated a weekly heartsong circle over several years with Kevin James. He also guides heartsong circles wherever he is on the planet. In these travels many teachings and ceremonies were shared.


4 years ago he completed the training with Alchemy of breath and now incorporates the breathwork with ceremony and prayer. Having traveled through many forests of darkness, the message Kim carries is the purity of love, and the connection with all that is beautiful. These sacred breathworks are a celebration of the full range of human emotion.


He sets the space around a fire, and calls on the ancestors, guides, elements and unseen forces to gather with us to pray, dream and breathe the activation of a new earth! We get to dive deep, to feel and express what is showing up in our lives.

The Max Effect

638B713C-A2AA-444A-A284-EEDA9F654E4A - Maxine Cox.jpeg

Maxine calls restorative yoga and breathwork her yoga medicine. As an anxious type who has experienced my own challenges with mental health, slowing down and getting quiet has often felt overwhelming.


For most of my life, I was addicted to being busy. At times, I have even used my yoga practice as a way to keep busy and keep moving to avoid a deeper encounter with myself that accompanies the still and quiet.


Max is always a student and continue to learn all the time. She keenly develops and enhances her knowledge about the body, mind and soul by studying deeper breathwork practices, yoga therapy, and the body's connection with an East-meets-West style of learning.

Christine Michelle

8D2AE3F0-61C9-47FC-9DCF-D0A969C4E8B7 - Christine Hayes.jpeg

Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob® Transformation Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver. 


Christine Michelle is an Intuitive Business & Mentor and Purpose, Power & Prosperity Activator who helps you remember who you truly are, obliterate old stories and embody who you came here to be NOW. Christine activates a shift in your frequency and an elevation of your consciousness to connecting back to your Divinity. You are Divinity in a Body and you are meant to live a life beyond your wildest imagination. Utilizing Gene Keys, Human Design, Quantum Physics, NLP, EFT and a ton of other tools made her own, Christine Michelle is a Guide, Energy Healer, Seer and Channel who speaks directly to your mind and your soul.


Christine helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  She makes Quantum Leaps #normal. Being Rich on ALL Levels of your life gets to be easy.

Dr. Sarah Coxon

69909734_10101595750118632_1998237060632150016_n (1) - Dr Sarah Coxon.jpg

I'm an archaeologist turned author, life coach, yoga teacher, sacred activist, and business mentor. I'm here to help you unleash your unique gifts, so you can unlock deep contribution and potent prosperity, by connecting with your priestesshood, deepening your dharma, thriving in business and ushering in the New World. I work intuitively with many tools and modalities to help women own their power and impact.


I'm also the author of The Way of the Priestess: A Reclamation of Feminine Power & Divine Purpose, which is both a personal memoir and call to arms for any woman that feels trapped in a social cage that stifles her truest expression and longs to live an unapologetically fulfilled life.

Matthew Hillier

7C62C52C-543D-4B18-9BF2-7E987EAF88D4 - Spiritual Fitness.jpeg

Hi, my name is Matt and I’m a spiritual life and meditation coach. I have personal experience in dealing with and overcoming addiction, anxiety and depression.

My goal in life is to help people rediscover who they truly are under the frantic mind and to reintroduce peoples human to their being. I currently provide coaching and mentoring to any soul who needs it and am also a cacao ceremony facilitator and energy healer

Alexa Moon Beats

_MG_6056 - Moon Beats Healing.JPG

Alexa is a sound-healer certified by the International Institute of Sound Therapy. Musician and singer energetic healer and psychotherapist with a specialty in diagnosis and clinical analysis. Alexa's work with the sound is centered on its ritual and ceremonial part. And how sound can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and spiritual connection. She works with sacred plants and it’s ceremonial use. Accompanies and sustains In sacred plant ceremonies such as cacao, Ayahuasca and Mushrooms. She directs Moon Beats Studio in Mexico City.

Holly Sedlacek

H 19v2 - Holly Sedlacek (1).jpg

Holly is a Coaching Psychologist and the Founder of Know Your Pace. Holly’s true passion is coaching. Holly uses an approach that helps individuals use curiosity to uncover patterns that have kept them stuck. Together, the client and Holly look at habits that have given the client their success and then go through the process of saying goodbye to old habits that do not align with where they want to go.


With self-compassion, individuals can find their starting point and begin growing towards their version of success. Holly believes in the democratisation of coaching. Everyone deserve support to fulfil their potential.


Holly started Know Your Pace in 2021, and, before that, worked in Consulting and Financial Services, both Asset Management and Insurance, for almost 15 years. Holly has her MA in Industrial/Organisational Psychology and further certifications in EQ-i 2.0, Hogan, DiSC, Transactional Analysis, Coaching (ATD certification and ICF ACC in progress) as well as Triathlon England.


Holly loves learning and hopes her natural curiosity about what makes us human enriches not only who she connects with but also who she is. Holly has two young daughters, a supportive partner, three road bikes and an ice cream maker that is in constant use. 


2F1B6213-2953-442A-88BB-480186CA6D99 - Puja Vashisht.jpeg

I’m a qualified advanced Ayurvedic practitioner and qualified yoga teacher.

In Ayurveda, you are what you digest. It is the sister science of yoga these Vedic sciences are meant to go together. Food effects your thoughts and emotions. With this Intro to Ayurveda workshop, I will introduce you to this age old holistic life science.

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