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Cacao Ceremony @Disney

An exclusive Wellness Event for The Walt Disney Company

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Cacao Ceremony @Disney
Cacao Ceremony @Disney

Time & Location

22 Jun 2023, 18:00 – 19:10 BST

The Walt Disney Company, Room 2213, 3 Queen Caroline St, London W6 9PE, UK

About the Event

Join me for an unforgettable Cacao Ceremony, where ancient traditions and modern practices converge to create a sacred space for self-love, joy and connection

Cacao ceremonies are one of the oldest holistic practices used by indigenous cultures all over the world. The Mayan and Aztec used Cacao not just as a beverage or food, but as a pillar of their economies and an integral part of their lives, appearing in numerous ceremonies including births, weddings, funerals and sacrifices. 


I'll guide you through a profound experience that will leave you feeling uplifted, loved and connected! This event includes the following modalities:

💟 Opening invocations

💟 Drinking Cacao

💟 Breathwork

💟 Guided meditation


Drinking Ceremonial Cacao can offer you various benefits, which are often attributed to its unique properties and the intentional, ceremonial context in which it's consumed. The most common benefits include:

💟 Physical Wellbeing: Cacao is one of the most nutrient dense food. The vitamins and minerals found in Cacao assist with endurance, energy, bone strength and density maintenance, muscle contraction and relaxation. It's also full of antioxidants! 

💟 Heart-opening: Cacao is known to contain various compounds which promote feelings of joy, relaxation, and well-being. Consuming Ceremonial Cacao in a intentional and sacred space helps with emotional release and cultivate a sense of connection, love, and compassion.

💟 Stress Reduction: Cacao has a calming effect on the nervous system. It promotes relaxation, reduce stress levels, and induce a state of calmness and tranquility.

💟 Mental Clarity: Theobromine, a natural stimulant present in cacao increases blood flow to the brain, leading to improved focus, mental clarity, and cognitive function. As you become more aware and present, you reach a deeper state of introspection and self-reflection.


The event will be held in Room 2213 in the Hammermith office.


To get the most out of the experience, please bring with you:

💟 Yoga Mat

💟 Clothes to cover your arms, legs and feet


Not exactly, Cacao used in a Cacao Ceremony is different from regular chocolate we eat. Unlike what you might expect, it doesn’t taste anything like hot chocolate, so it might shock you when you first try it. Ritual cacao is made from ground cacao beans, water, a tiny bit of honey or maple syrup all mixed into a liquid. The taste is actually bitter but naturally high in iron, magnesium and B-complex vitamins.


If you booked a ticket and you can't attend anymore, please get in touch via email ( as soon as possible. If you cancel by midnight of the 19th June, you'll get a 100% refund. Otherwise you can join another event or gift your ticket to a friend.

For any other questions, please email me at


  • General Admission

    From £15.00 to £22.00
    • £22.00
    • £15.00



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