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Journey To The Heart

Urban Yoga Retreat

Sun 12th June


The Lodge Space, London SE16

What's your heart longing for?

Your heart is the seat of love, desires and values.

When your heart is wounded you can experience profound effects on your mental & physical wellbeing like holding onto past hurts & grudges, feeling lonely, keeping all your emotions bottled up and focusing on other people needs before yours.

The basic right of the heart chakra is to love & to be loved.


You can reconnect to your heart's deepest longings by taking time for yourself. To slow down. To relax. To gather. To inquire. To release the protective layers wrapped around your heart. 

To rediscover your heart's true nature which is being in rhythm with the pulse of life.



"Consuelo is so peaceful and she makes me feel so relaxed, her techniques really work and I felt so good after. That was the most relaxed I have felt in a long time plus without it being a massage!"

Thank you for the workshop.  Sad to say that it was probably the most relaxed I’ve been in 6 months!"

What exactly is included in this
3 hours urban retreat? 


Upon arrival, you'll be welcomed with a cup of Rose tea which helps to soothe anxiety & reduce stress. 

Rose is also the symbol of love, beauty, and courage which are attitudes of the heart chakra.


Restorative yoga is a slow practice designed to release deeply held tension and to soothe your nervous system. The poses are held for longer period of time and the abundance of props provides a comforting mean to glide into a profound relaxing state. 


Heart opening exercises coming from the yoga tradition, psychology & neuroscience. Journalling time to reflect about your experience. 


A sound bath is a meditative experience where you lie down on your back and you "bathe" in sound waves. Various instruments will be played — crystal singing bowls, chimes, percussions — to facilitate relaxation and to allow you to integrate the heart opening practices.


In many cultures fire represents passion, desire, hope, destruction and rebirth. We'll gather around the fire to celebrate each other heart's desires and to let go of the limiting beliefs which no longer serve you.

Walk in nature

You'll leave feeling lighter, relaxed and connected 

Detailed schedule 

Meet your host


Ciao! I’m Consuelo, a yoga and mindfulness teacher.


My students say “it’s not about the workout or the yoga poses you make us do. It’s the kind of mindset you give to people which make your classes special”.


I’m here to help you to slow down & relax so you can feel calm & confident.


I blend different yoga and meditation styles, sound and breathing techniques to soothe your nervous system and unleash your full potential.


£45 - BeTheFirst

Includes welcome tea, restorative yoga, heart activation practices, sound bath and fire ceremony. Book the first 3 tickets & get 20% OFF

£52 - Regular

Includes welcome tea, restorative yoga, heart activation practices, sound bath and fire ceremony. 

Return / Cancellation policy:

If the event needs to be cancelled or postponed due to any Covid related restrictions, you'll get a full refund or you can transfer your booking to the rescheduled date. If you need to cancel, please contact Consuelo as soon as possible. If you cancel at least 3 days before the event you'll get 80% refund. Otherwise you can transfer your ticket to someone else. Please contact Consuelo if you have any questions. 



What's included?

45mins restorative yoga + 45mins heart activation + 45mins sound bath & fire ceremony. 

Yoga props at the studio: bolsters, blocks, straps, meditation cushions.

Welcome tea

What's not included?

Any food or drinks from the cafe

Is this retreat suitable for beginners?

Yes, this experience is open to all levels. No previous yoga experience is required.

What do I need to bring?

Water bottle

Journal & pen

Extra layer of clothes (long sleeves, socks, shawl)

Yoga mat and/or eye pillow (if you wish to use your own)

Is there a changing room in the studio?

Yes, there are bathrooms and full changing rooms (male/female) at the studio

How can I get to the studio?

Canada Water - Overground & Jubilee line

Surrey Quay - Overground

Treat yourself with an afternoon of REST.

Allow your heart to guide you through the rhythm of life.

If you have any question, email me at

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