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24-25 Agosto - Ritiro Yoga & Meditazione al Monastero Di San Biagio Mondovì

Consuelo, a private yoga teacher doing yoga at Regent's Canal at King's Cross

Take one breath at the time

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Make your wellbeing a priority

Practice this 40min Full Moon Ritual to consciously release stress & connect to your inner wisdom.

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I’m Consuelo, a private yoga teacher.

I’m here to help you to slow down & to relax so you can feel calm & energised. As a working mum who recovered from post-natal anxiety and burn-out I know exactly how it feels to be worried all the time, tired and overwhelmed by a never ending to do list full of tasks, responsibilities and someone else's priorities. 

I blend different yoga and meditation styles, sound healing and breathing techniques to soothe your nervous system and to restore your body, mind and soul.​

My mission is to remind you how to relax and to live guilt-free from doing less.


Lizzie, Brand photographer

Consuelo's yoga events are filled with her warm and inviting personality. Her voice and yoga practices are calming yet energising. I highly recommend Consuelo and her events! Her energy is absolutely amazing!



Lauren, Yoga Teacher

Consuelo has a gentle but grounded presence and her teaching is infused with kindness and love. I left the session feeling inspired, cared for, energised and all round wonderful. I highly recommend a kundalini or private session with her, it was the highlight of my week!


Bahar, HR Manager

Consuelo has always inspired me with her endless passion for yoga and wellbeing. I enjoyed my outdoor private yoga session with her. She's very motivating and pushes you gently whilst adjusting to your level. The hour was relaxing both for my body and mind. I wholeheartedly recommend to work with her.

The Oltre Yoga Method

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If you landed here it's no coincidence. It means you're committed to your health & wellbeing. You want to switch off your brain and feel calm and relaxed.

My signature method, Oltre Yoga combines yoga with meditation, mindfulness and rituals to guide you through the 3 stages of your personal transformation:


1. Awareness: what's present in your body & mind

2. Acceptance: give it permission to exist

3. Aligned Action: rewrite your experience

I've been practicing these steps over and over again both on myself and on my clients, witnessing astonishing results.


This method works regardless of your yoga experience or fitness level. You can apply it to any personal goal you have, from building your confidence to join group yoga classes, to heal the relationship with your body or to be more calm and worry less.

Let me show you how it works!


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Consuelo, a private yoga teacher in seated butterfly pose while holding her ankles

As a private yoga teacher I’ll first listen to which area or your life you want to improve. Maybe you want to be healthy, feel energised or you burned-out from overworking and you want to release stress and worry less.


I’ll then create a 10 weeks 1:1 yoga mentorship program which is 100% bespoke to you! The program will include weekly live calls where you’ll practice yoga, meditation and relaxation practices which I intuitively believe will fast-track your wellbeing journey and create long lasting change in the way you move, breathe, feel and think.


I’ll be there to keep you accountable, to encourage you along the way and to celebrate your successes!


I can’t wait to meet you!



Consuelo, a private yoga teacher assisting a student in supine twist pose in a group yoga class in West London

Create long lasting results

Let me create a bespoke yoga experience for you! Private Yoga is the fastest way to get to the results you want. Get in touch to book your 20mins discovery call.

Dancing at Home

Special gatherings

Yoga events are in-person or online gatherings to immerse yourself in a relaxing and unique experience. Stretch, rest and connect to the wisdom of your body.

Consuelo, a yoga teacher teaching reclined pigeon pose in a group yoga class in West London

Healthy & motivated staff

For Corporate Yoga or bespoke Corporate Events, get in touch HERE!

Consuelo, a private yoga teacher in London smiling and holding a purple baloon on her right hand
Consuelo, a private yoga teacher balancing on her left foot on a yoga block
Consuelo, a private yoga teacher dressed in white and sitting in easy pose. She's smiling and turning her gaze towards the left.
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