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Yup, you're in!

Thank you for subscribing to the Mindfulness Challenge starting on the 1st Sep!

I'm super excited you CHOSE to bring more calm and stability into your life. I can't wait to deliver simple daily practices directly to your inbox.


I really hope these techniques will make you feel much better equipped to deal with the various emotional ups and downs of daily life.

The secret to achieve long lasting changes is perseverance. So, don't get discouraged if one day you miss the practice. Resume the challenge the following day.


I'm here to guide you and to cheer you up along the way. Don't forget to join the private Facebook group to get extra support from your companions in this journey!


Last but not least, tell your friends to join the challenge! Because together it's more fun!

I'll pop in your inbox a couple of days before the challenge starts.

If you spare a moment,

I'm interested to know...

With Love & Appreciation,


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